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We Specialize in Both Court-Ordered and Self-Initiated Mediations

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a process where you and your spouse decide what is best for each of you and your children as a result of your divorce. You and your spouse meet with a neutral mediator and work through issues and processes you need to resolve. Mediation allows people to end marriages as amicably as possible. An experienced mediator will guide you both through the processes and offer a complete solution with important facets and implementations couples may not think of on their own. Divorce mediation can be a complete divorce solution and is often the most cost effective, time saving, and best solution for all involved.

  • Distribution of Property
  • Child Custody and Parenting Plans
  • Child Support and Maintenance
  • Tax Negotiation

Agreed Divorces

If you have children who are under 18, disabled or in high school AND you do NOT own buildings or land or a business with your spouse, or have retirement benefits, you can get an “Agreed Divorce” in the State of Tennessee.

What is an agreed divorce? Agreed means that you and your spouse agree on all points of your divorce. An experienced mediator can help you come to a mutually beneficial agreement to facilitate an agreed divorce. Objective Mediation can provide a complete solution for those seeking Agreed Divorces in Tennessee.

An agreed divorce is easier and faster than a litigated divorce. It costs less than a regular divorce.

  • There are fewer court papers to fill out.
  • You don’t have to have a lawyer.

Because an Agreed Divorce is mediated rather than litigated, often everyone involved has the best possible outcomes.

If you are interested in an Agreed Divorce, contact us today.

Parenting Plans

We specialize in both temporary and permanent Parenting Plans and their Maintenance.

A parenting plan is a written document that outlines how parents will interact with their child after separation or divorce. A parenting plan is real-life practical and doesn’t have to use formal legal language. A parenting plan outlines intended parenting arrangements.

  • When each parent will spend time with the child
  • How decisions about the child will be made
  • How information will be shared between parents
  • Child Support
  • Disagreement or Modification Plans
  • Supervision during parenting time
  • Each Parent’s Rights and Responsibilities
  • How parenting issues may be addressed
  • Insurance, medical,  and banking considerations regarding the child

A parenting plan should reflect the interests and the needs of the child first. A parenting plan can help to reduce conflict between parents by setting clear guidelines and expectations. Children cope more successfully with separation or divorce when parents cooperate.

A parenting plan should be detailed, yet realistically flexible.

Specialized Agreements

Mediation is ideal for situations where parties need to maintain contact, proximity, or interaction.

If you have tried negotiating or explaining your situation on your own and just can’t make progress or resolve a problem, consider speaking to a mediator. If you have had trouble getting another party to return your calls or communicate at all, an experienced mediator may be able to bring them to negotiation. 
Many disputes can be resolved with mediation.

  • Landlord-Tenant
  • Neighbor
  • Workplace / Employment

Collections and Medical Bills

Although being in collections or having astronomical medical bills can be worrisome, if you don’t have the means to pay, often times, companies, doctors, and hospitals are willing to negotiate. Many times companies prefer mediation and negotiation to litigation because it saves them time and money. Objective Mediation has extensive experience negotiating bills with companies, doctors, and hospitals. If you would like to discuss your situation confidentially, contact us today.

Insurance Negotiations

Insurance disputes are good candidates for mediation and Objective Mediation has Extensive Insurance Negotiation Experience.

Objective Mediation offers experienced insurance mediation services to consumers involved in insurance claim disputes with  insurance companies. If your insurance company has offered an unacceptable settlement, is hard to reach, or make progress with, Objective Mediation can help. We have negotiated hundreds of insurance disputes that awarded consumers with the largest settlements they were entitled to.

Paralegal Services

Consistent Delivery of Completeness, Excellence, and Integrity

Cost effective long or short term assistance for legal firms. We grow, train, and supervise staff for larger projects.

  • Medical Record Review
  • Case Management and Completeness
  • Needles® Case Administration
  • Document Drafting and Merging
  • File Management
  • Client Follow-up Calls
  • Client Intake and Scheduling
  • Experienced and Effective Medical and Insurance Negotiation
  • Notary Public