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Mediation is a Win-Win Solution

Mediation is a Win-Win Solution.

Mediation allows parties to create solutions specific to their needs. Mediation is different from litigation, where a judge or jury makes a final decision. Judges are likely to make one-size-fits-all decisions based on precedent which both parties and families will have to live with. With mediation, both sides can win more of what they want. Mediation is a win-win solution.

  • Parties settle their differences in a safe, confidential, efficient manner.
  • Mediation helps each party get more of what they want, while saving significant time and money.
  • Mediation agreements are legally binding documents which are legally enforceable by the court.

If you are experiencing conflict in any area of your life, you can get a free and confidential consultation from a professional mediator. Just contact us.

Saves TimeConflict writing on note concept

Lawyer, court, and litigation processes have no capability for time efficiency.

  • Courts are overloaded and slow.
  • Lawyers and litigation can only work at the speed of the courts and therefore cannot resolve conflicts efficiently.
  • Litigation takes months to years.

In mediation, you are in control of the timing.

  • Many complex mediations take less than a half-day to be fully resolved.
  • Mediations can often be scheduled and completed within a couple weeks.
  • Mediation outcomes typically give each party more of what they ask for.

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Saves Money

Mediation is significantly less expensive than going to court. Resolving a dispute with court litigation is very expensive. Each party must hire a different lawyer, and each pay their lawyer. This doubles the cost of the process automatically.

  • Mediation splits a lower overall cost.
  • Litigation doubles a higher overall cost.
  • The cost of mediation is significantly less than litigation.
  • Mediation agreements are just as enforceable as litigated agreements.

If you reach an agreement in mediation, the mediator will put the agreement into writing. When signed, the agreement becomes a legally binding document which is enforceable by the court.

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Highly Successful

If you have tried to talk to or negotiate with another or party without success, a mediator can help you. A skilled mediator can help arrange a meeting where both sides can communicate and explore solutions. Mediation has been proven to be very effective and has a very high success rate. We often receive positive feedback on our most difficult mediation processes.

Did you know mediation is so effective and efficient, The State of Tennessee almost always orders divorcing couples into mediation before a court date can be set to begin litigation?

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Mediation is straightforward and avoids court appearances. You can easily book an appointment with Objective Mediation at your connivence. Mediations can be held at a location of the parties’ choosing.

  • You can choose the time and location of your mediation, unlike court.
  • You can change your appointment time without filing a motion for continuance.
  • Mediations are more efficient than court and many are fully completed in less than one day.

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Although courts often order parties into mediation, participation is voluntary.

  • Parties often volunteer to mediate because of the tremendous cost and time savings.
  • When parties are not getting along, they still often agree to mediate.
  • Objective Mediation may be able to help bring resistant parties to the table.

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Trials and hearings are held in public courtrooms, recorded, and largely become public record. Mediations are private and with few exceptions are confidential. Objective Mediation is registered with the State of Tennessee to conduct both domestic and civil mediations and is bound by law to uphold required confidentialities.

  • Court appearances are public and recorded
  • Mediations are private and cofidential
  • Objective Mediation is Rule 31 listed and bound by law to uphold confidentiality.

If you have concerns about the confidentiality of your situation, please contact us.


Preserve Relationships

Mediation is ideal for situations where parties need to maintain contact, proximity, or interaction.

Mediation achieves outcomes in a way that is civilized and non-adversarial.

  • In many parenting situations it is beneficial to the children for the parents to maintain a civil relationship.
  • In business or customer relationships, it can be critical for parties to continue to work together in a non-adversarial way.

Mediation facilitates communication and understanding between parties and can actually strengthen business and personal relationships. Litigation, by definition, is an adversarial process. Mediation offers a collaborative resolution to preserve a relationship.